China Factory 1.8L Stainless Steel Electrical Kettle,High Quality Temperature Controller Electric Water Kettle

Stainless steel electric kettle is made of 201 / 304 stainless steel and plastic. With the development of the times, it is used to replace plastic electric kettle and aluminum electric kettle. Stainless steel electric kettle generally has three or more safety protection settings. That is, water boiling automatic power-off; dry burning automatic power-off; overheating automatic power-off. Comparative advantage Fast fever "Fast heating" is the most basic requirement of stainless steel electric kettle. Therefore, the original heating coil has been transformed into a wider and thicker heating chassis, which is more beautiful and practical, and solves the problem that scale is difficult to clean; secondly, it is more effective in heating, which can burn half to one liter of water to boiling in 3-5 minutes, and can also control different temperatures. Stainless steel liners with faster heat transfer are therefore more popular. Good heat preservation The most popular Strix temperature controller in England has become a key part in the temperature control of many stainless steel electric kettles. This unique steam pipe temperature control ensures that the water is fully boiled and completely sterilized by the steam extrusion after boiling. Stainless steel electric kettle is not only a tool for boiling water, but also a tool for storing water. Strong filtration "Drinking water to be healthy" is the consensus of all people, so it is necessary to install several "safety protection nets" - filter nets - in stainless steel kettles. The key positions such as the bottom of the kettle and the water outlet can be described as "mechanisms". Several filters are installed to remove scale and purify water quality. Full function Simple boiling water can no longer meet the daily needs, and the set type stainless steel electric kettle has become popular. In addition to the stainless steel electric kettle, there are special appliances such as tea sets, which are made in one go, such as boiling water, making tea, drinking coffee, etc., reflecting the love from the beginning to the end.
Specifications :  
Power: 1500W
Capacity: 1.8/2.0L
Modle: SK-20A
Packing: Gift box
Carton size: 780*394*458mm, 16pcs/ctn
Loading QTY: 3180pcs/20'GP, 6360pcs/40'GP, 7440pcs/40'HQ
Advantage: 1.Popular hotsale model.
  2. 360° cordless electric jug
  3.Made of high-quality stainless steel
  4.Stylish design
  5.Easy to use and clean
  6.Concealed heating element
  7.Boil dry protection
  8.Automatically turns off when water boiling
  9.On/off switch with light indicator
  10.Detachable power base
  11.Cord storage